My perfect rose bouquet: lots of Jo Malone over layers of Korres

If I had ten pounds for everytime a cabbie told me I smelt nice after a “what are you wearing luv?” I would be in Grasse by now with my own acres and cares of roses trying to figure out how to instapost-and-scratch-and-sniff so you could virtually be with me there too. But I don’t. Instead there are now a lot of London cabbie’s wives or girlfriends who either smell equally delectable in their partner’s eyes or are wondering why hubbie’s gone ra-ra for roses. Scent’s a personal thing.

 But it’s one of your many signatures that leaves a little indent on people’s minds. Call it olfactory nostalgia. I don’t know when I started using Jo Malone Red Roses cologne but I haven’t stopped. It’s just totally me and I wouldn’t really be able to tell you why. Up until then I used to be totally an Estèe Lauder Beautiful type of girl. Again, I couldn’t tell you why. Again people would stop me in the street to ask what I was wearing.



It’s not just the mix of seven types of bouncy beautiful roses in bloom in those sleek Jo Malone bottles (with top notes of lemon and base notes of honeycomb) which I usually buy at Duty Free or Harrods so I can use my rewards card, but it’s also another little eau de ooooh trick that I like to do.


I layer my fragrance. Perfume over body cream. Rose upon rose.  It’s a winning combination. I use the delicious Korres Japanse Rose Body Butter which I first found at Athens airport and now stock up on at John Lewis or at John Bell & Croydon Pharmacy on Wigmore street. I loooove the body butter. It’s thick and full-fat shea buttery and has a scent unlike any other and soaks into my skin in a rose infused glory. It seems to last on me forever and the balance and blending of the difference roses works beyond beautifully. Try it with your own fragrances. It’s blooming brilliant.