My 5 ‘And-Repeat’ Beauty Buys

I came late to the make-up game in life, but in the absence of a large pair of sunglasses or an Instagram filter, everyone can do with a little clever artistry to enhance one’s natural fabulousness.  I used to simply be all about the finger tips and the lips, but hundreds of fashion shoots later, lots of new and exciting make-up trends, not to mention things I seein instagram accounts…these are the five beauty products I use daily – and buy – on repeat. Ahhh that little trip to the Harrods beauty hall, or Fenwicks not to forget duty free shops, to restock my supplies is a sacred endorphin-rush of a ritual all in itself.


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat: one sold every ten seconds. No surprise there. It increases when it rains you know, that’s what they told me in glorious John Lewis beauty hall when I popped in to buy one (an animal print pattern too) one rainy morning. This was my entire make-up routine before I pushed the boat out a bit and I have been using it for as long as I can remember to deflect any tiredness or redness. It’s my inflight essential for that just-landed refresher.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Dark Pearl Eye Shadow Pencil: what did I do without Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up range launched only last year?! I am going to dedicate a whole blog to it. Thanks to Charlotte Tilbury I am blending and highlighting, blushing and pouting so much better than before. My friend gave me one of these for my birthday last year and I haven’t looked back. I smudge it on for a cool day look, pat it with my finger and add a lick of Chanel chocolate brown eye liner pencil. It’s a cool colour for day and there are more colours to upgrade your look to night.  I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury’s collection especially because each product comes complete with a how to video by Charlotte. And once you know how there’s simply no stopping you. Have a look! I am totally #addicted.

Charlotte Tilbury Concealer: see, I told you. #addicted. This is so light and dewy and glossy and delicious that… shhhhh… I use it instead of foundation. It smells great too – like roses. I used to looove Guerlain’s Divinora which made me glow but that got discontinued. Grrr.  I discovered this – and a whole lot more – at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Fenwick. I don’t need much to go-and-glow.

Diorshow Mascara:- mascara was sooo not me for far too long. Then there I was on a shoot with actress Tamsin Egerton discussing the merits of this product and low and behold a new mascara fan was born. I have absolutely no idea if it thickens, lengthens, plumps or curls…It’s the brush and no smudging that does it for me.

NARS Never Say Never Velvet lip pencil: I have been wearing a variation of fuschia pink lipstick from day one. Chanel discontinued my all time favourite Fuschine and lip service was never quite the same. This however is perfect for day. And it’s matte. As much as I love the plumpness of a glistening Hollywood glossy finish it doesn’t translate well into bonjour and au revoir kisses, or gusts of wind and long hair…now does it? And I also don’t need any excuse for a new pencil sharpener.