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Sweat. Shower. Swish with Core-Collective and CitySwish

Any opportunity and excuse to have my hair done is in my opinion a good opportunity. No excuse needed. So I didn’t mind having to work out before my blow out. Whilst I’ve finally find a form of exercise other than swimming that is so me, namely barre, it’s always good to shake things up every now and then. I had just been talking over my usual morning coffee at Cafe Phillies about trying out the hip and happening new Core-Collective Gym a stones throw away when I received an impossible to turn-down and generous invitation to: Sweat.Shower.Swish. Read the rest of this entry »

The Berkeley Roof-Top Winter Cinema, marshmallows and all

Friday nights, sparkling lights, Christmas trees, the Berkeley if you please, Belgravia roof top, candlelit night, winter cinema, magical night, open air, howling wind in my hair, hot chocolate, marshmallows topped with cream, cashmere water bottles, shearling chalets, Christmas dream, Montcler blankets, champagne, canapés,  mulled wine, mince pies for days and days, brandy butter, Miracle on 34th street, little Natalie Wood,  I heart London, what a treat. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking pink disruption at the Shoptiques UK launch

Pink taxis, a logo that looks like a smile and a handbag handle too, said logo designed by Gary Williams “the same guy that did the Apple logo”, an office in NY that looks just like the movie The Intern, over 2000 niche local boutiques from 4 countries on a website that is only 3 and a half years old from a 3o year old founder Olga Vidisheva who arrived in the US aged 17 not speaking a word of English. Gosh I marvel at technology and a woman whose underpinning belief is: “Believe in yourself. Figure out what is you want to do. Be honest with yourself and go and do it. Anything is possible.” Read the rest of this entry »

Last Night In London: Art fashion poetry passion

London a few last nights ago felt like one long stream of consciousness ode to visual and mental feasts thanks to Aiweiwei’s newly launched exhibition at the Royal Academy. It made me think of my first ever article I wrote when I started working at a newspaper. It was Couture. I was in a taxi under the Eiffel Tower dictating copy to the nigh time copytakers all the way back in London. It was all about Elizabeth Hurley and Versace Couture. This was ‘news’ baby as it happens! Only the article didn’t happen for me – my writing was considered too stream of consciousness. Well that’s what Paris and Couture does to you and the imagination.

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Barrecore: What it’s like to stretch, define, tone and burn baby burn

Before barrecore, after barrecore. Those pictures aren’t going to happen. My iPhone 6 cannot take selfies of the inside of my mind. Yet.  Just ask my friends for those ‘you’re looking lean and sleek and buff’ affirmations of the external effect it’s had on me instead. But that’s not why I started barrecore. I took it up because I somehow knew that I would always like it and like everything in life there is no point doing something if it’s just not you. I also took it up because I needed to zone out and move. I am a swimmer but if the pool does not stink of chlorine I am not getting in. So I haven’t got in in a long time. The more you move the more things happen. Read the rest of this entry »


It all ended like it started with a Roland Mouret dress. And Whatsapp. That’s how I’m styling my friends these days. From the comfort of a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon straight to you in the changing room at Harrods, Liberty’s, Harvey Nichs et al. That’s what Sundays are for. Long lunches. Shopping. And friends. It’s why I love technology. Everything is possible – always. Read the rest of this entry »

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