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Paris, the pint-sized day and a half, one night visit version

Paris. Paris. Paris and croissants. Buttery, bite-sized deliciousness. Paris. Paris. Paris. Chanel. Oh là là tweeds, pearls and well dressed girls. I found myself on the brand spanking new Eurostar one afternoon two weeks ago swooshing off to Paris slap bang during fashion week on a last minute ‘voulez-vouz’ mission. No, not an illicit rendez-vous but an exciting interview for Vogue China – a young media mogul and street style icon. I can’t tell you who until the magazine comes out. Shhh.

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Pops of Pink

I can buy nothing forever and then along comes a shoe. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. It’s the first thing I ever bought on the internet. Thank you net-a-porter. It’s what got me into trouble constantly with my shoots at the Daily Mail: ”Natalie your shoes on the shoot are too expensive.” I know. But aren’t they just beautiful! It’s the one item of clothing I always carried in my onboard handbag that one time when Heathrow was having a bit of an ongoing baggage crisis. My theory was simple: if I had my favourite go with everything sandals (Manolo Blahniks) then lose my luggage and I can build up looks from the heels upwards…even if it involved wearing a paper bag. Read the rest of this entry »

The One: Max at Michaeljohn

It’s not just the intricacies in the art of husband-hunting so finely played out in Pride & Prejudice by Mrs Bennett and her girls that can pose that all encompassing dilemma of finding The One. When it comes to your hair it’s sort of the same thing to. So I was very happy to discover many years ago the Holy Grail of fabulous hair, Max Coles at Michaeljohn. The One. He has flounced, bounced, glossed, trimmed, re-shaped, rebooted my hair so perfectly that I wished there were ways of having some sort of cloning for those days and my holidays when The One is not available.  Read the rest of this entry »

Sweat. Shower. Swish with Core-Collective and CitySwish

Any opportunity and excuse to have my hair done is in my opinion a good opportunity. No excuse needed. So I didn’t mind having to work out before my blow out. Whilst I’ve finally find a form of exercise other than swimming that is so me, namely barre, it’s always good to shake things up every now and then. I had just been talking over my usual morning coffee at Cafe Phillies about trying out the hip and happening new Core-Collective Gym a stones throw away when I received an impossible to turn-down and generous invitation to: Sweat.Shower.Swish. Read the rest of this entry »

The Berkeley Roof-Top Winter Cinema, marshmallows and all

Friday nights, sparkling lights, Christmas trees, the Berkeley if you please, Belgravia roof top, candlelit night, winter cinema, magical night, open air, howling wind in my hair, hot chocolate, marshmallows topped with cream, cashmere water bottles, shearling chalets, Christmas dream, Montcler blankets, champagne, canapés,  mulled wine, mince pies for days and days, brandy butter, Miracle on 34th street, little Natalie Wood,  I heart London, what a treat. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking pink disruption at the Shoptiques UK launch

Pink taxis, a logo that looks like a smile and a handbag handle too, said logo designed by Gary Williams “the same guy that did the Apple logo”, an office in NY that looks just like the movie The Intern, over 2000 niche local boutiques from 4 countries on a website that is only 3 and a half years old from a 3o year old founder Olga Vidisheva who arrived in the US aged 17 not speaking a word of English. Gosh I marvel at technology and a woman whose underpinning belief is: “Believe in yourself. Figure out what is you want to do. Be honest with yourself and go and do it. Anything is possible.” Read the rest of this entry »

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